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How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Clear Phone Case Yellowing

Everyone loves a beautifully designed clear phone case but hates when it starts to yellow. Am I right? Luckily, there are some easy ways to prevent and avoid this dreaded yellowing!


What causes a clear case to yellow, anyways?

Clear phone cases are generally made from some variation of materials that include polymers and/or plastics. Our clear phone cases are made up of a TPU/BPA-free hybrid blend — resulting in a slightly flexible (but not stretchy) light-weight phone case. While there are many reasons that these kind of materials start to yellow over time, the main culprits generally include:


- Ultraviolet (UV) exposure (oxidation) 
- Other visible light exposure
- Extreme climate conditions 
- Excess oil(s)
- Sweat
- Friction


Can the yellowing be reversed? 

Unfortunately, once these materials start to yellow, there is little that can be done to reverse the process, as it is much more than surface-level. There is, however, steps that can be taken to avoid or lessen the chance of future yellowing

1. Keep your phone/case out of direct sunlight at all costs — If you’re outside, keep your phone covered/in a bag if possible!

2. Avoid any other direct visible light exposure, such as harsh lights or lamps

3. Avoid exposing your phone/case to extreme climate conditions such as high temperatures and high humidity

4. Avoid handling your phone when you’re oily or sweaty when possible — perhaps keep a small towel with you if you’re a gym-goer!

5. Keep your phone out of small places (like tight pockets) that create excessive amounts of friction


What else can I do to keep my clear case clean?

Aside from the yellowing discussed, clear phone cases (by their transparent nature) are also more susceptible to tiny scuffs and other minor imperfections. To increase the life of your case and the design, periodically consider using the following tips to keep your case clean:


- Use a micro-fiber cloth to lightly buff out any small scratches or scuffs 
- Lightly dampen a small face towel and wipe any excess dirt — avoiding your case’s design when possible


Clear phone case yellowing may be difficult to reverse, but you CAN certainly use our tips to avoid it in the future! Additionally, you can take a look at our cases for an affordable replacement! 😉

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