Wallet Case FAQ– The Urban Flair

Is this case wireless charging compatible?

Unfortunately our wallet phone cases are not wireless charging compatible.

What is “vegan” leather?

Vegan leather is a high-quality, cruelty free "faux" alternative to leather!

To learn more, click here!

Can the color of the elastic be changed?

Unfortunately the option to the change color of the elastic strap is not available at this time.

Is there a magnetic closure?

There is not a magnetic closure on our wallet cases. The elastic strap keeps the case together.

Can I purchase the case without your logo?

Unfortunately not. Our logo will be printed relatively small on the bottom of all of our wallet cases. Thank you for understanding and supporting our small business!

Does the case stay closed without the elastic band?

As these cases do not have a magnetic closure, the case will not stay closed without the elastic band.

Can I get a different color elastic band?

Unfortunately our elastic bands only come in the standard grey color at this time.

Can I remove the clear case/phone from the wallet portion?

The clear case will be adhered to the wallet part of the case and cannot be removed. If you need to remove your phone from the case, you can do so easily but the clear case will not come with it.

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