Tough Case FAQ– The Urban Flair

Is this case actually protective?

We'd certainly say so! Our tough cases are the most protective case that we offer and is equipped with 2 durable layers. The outer layer of the case is made with impact resistant Polycarbonate & the inner liner is made with TPU for additional protection.

Are your tough cases wireless charging compatible?

While we can’t speak for ALL wireless chargers (as they are all going to be constructed a bit differently and will inevitably have different “strengths”), our tough cases should generally be compatible with most high-quality wireless chargers.

What is the difference between "gloss" and "satin"? Which should I get?

The finish that you choose is more of a preference than anything else! Both finishes will be smooth to touch. The “gloss” finish has a high-sheen/shiny look and will be more vibrant. The “satin” finish will be semi-matte and be slightly more muted.

Does the case have a camera bezel?

Yes, our tough cases will have a slightly raised bezel/lip around the camera area.

Does the case have a screen bezel?

Yes, our tough cases will have a slightly raised bezel/lip around the screen area.

How do I clean/care for this case?

Your case can be lightly wiped down with a damp cloth or wipe when necessary!

Can I purchase without the logo?

Unfortunately not. Our logo will be printed relatively small on the bottom of all of our tough cases. Thank you for understanding and supporting our small business!

Are any of the tough cases see-through?

No, all of our tough cases are completely opaque.

Do any of these cases have glitter?

No, there is not actual glitter/metallic/holographic materials/wood/flowers used in the making of any of our tough cases. All aspects are UV printed.

Are the cases compatible with MagSafe chargers?

While the cases WILL work with MagSafe chargers, the speed and ‘grip’ of the charger (as it magnetically attaches) may be less than a direct connection between bare device and charger — which will be the result regardless of case brand that you choose, unless you’re purchasing a certified Apple Magsafe case.

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