Airpods Case FAQ– The Urban Flair

What is the difference between "gloss" and "satin"? Which should I get?

The finish that you choose is more of a preference than anything else! Both finishes will be smooth to touch. 

The “gloss” finish has a high-sheen/shiny look and will be more vibrant. The “satin” finish will be semi-matte and be slightly more muted.

Is this case hard or soft?

Our AirPods cases are made of a hard plastic material.

Does the carabiner come with the case?

Yes, each case will come with a carabiner!

Is the lid attached to the rest of the case?

No, the case is comprised of two parts. Unfortunately the structure of the existing AirPods casing makes it hard, if not impossible, to create a case that is one piece.

Do you have cases for the new 2021 AirPods?

Unfortunately not at this time. We are using the time, energy and resources that are required to support a brand new case offering to finish off the year strong. We plan to add them first thing in 2022, so keep an eye out!

Are the cases MagSafe/wireless charging compatible?

While we can’t speak for ALL wireless chargers (as they are all going to be constructed a bit differently and will inevitably have different “strengths”), our tough cases should generally be compatible with most high-quality wireless chargers.

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