The Chariot Tarot Card Clear Phone Case

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The Chariot Tarot Card��Clear Phone Case��provides just the right amount of protection for your��iPhone��while still allowing the beauty of your phone to show through!

You want a case that‘s both unique AND protective. Lucky for you, your search ends here with the The Chariot Tarot Card Clear Phone Case!

This phone case is slim, sleek and light-weight (no unnecessary bulk!) yet protective enough for every day use! It is made with a BPA-free, hybrid TPU material — making it slightly flexible/bendable (but not stretchy!) and super easy to put on and take off.

Additionally, it features precisely aligned port openings, wireless charging compatibility and soft touch buttons. It will have protective, clear sides and a slightly raised .5mm bezel around the screen & camera area to prevent scratches if laid flat.

Most importantly, the design is not a sticker/decal and will not budge with proper care. The design will be UV printed on to back of case (not “embedded”) using industry-leading printer/ink technology. The design will also be matte and have a slightly raised look/feel. Additionally, no actual glitter/metallic/holographic materials, wood or flowers are used in the making of these designs/cases.

Q: Does the case have sides?
A: Yes, The Urban Flair's clear cases do have sides!

Q: What is the material like?
A: The case is made of hybrid materials and is slightly flexible but not stretchy.

Q: Is this case protective?
A: While nearly all customers are more than satisfied with the level of protection provided by our clear cases, we do at least like to disclaim that we sell these to you more as functional, trendy fashion accessories and ultimately, they should be treated as delicately as the expensive phone they are protecting! :) They will certainly provide enough protection for normal daily use, however (with iPhones being almost entirely constructed of glass now) it is nearly impossible for a case to fully guarantee (or prevent against) shattering of some kind if dropped to any extent —at any height— regardless of case or brand. With that being said, we do always recommend the use of a glass screen protector for extra protection. If you are prone to handling your phone more aggressively or are using it in extreme conditions, you are welcome to take the necessary precautions and check out our tough cases!

Q: Is the design on the case a sticker?
A: The design is NOT a decal/sticker -- it will be UV printed on to the back of the case using top of the line printing technology.

Q: Is the design embedded into the case?
A: No, the design will be UV printed on to the back of the case. The case's design will therefore have a slightly raised look/feel and provide some additional grip to the case. Don't worry, the design won't chip/peel with proper care!

Q: When will my case arrive?
A: All of our cases are made especially for their new owners. You should allow us around 3 (but up to 7 business days, especially during the Holiday seasons) to print and package your case before it is ready for shipment. Once a case ships, it is generally delivered in around 3-5 business days (US orders only) but is subject to vary. 

Q: How should I care for my case?
A: Case can be lightly wiped down with wipe or soft towel when necessary. You should avoid extreme conditions -- such as sweat, sun, oil, etc as they may diminish the overall life of your case and its design.

Q: How long will my case last?
A: The life of your case will be entirely up to how you handle and care for it. We have a more in-depth walk through about this subject that you can check out here!

View our full FAQ by clicking here!

The The Chariot Tarot Card Clear Phone Case will come with a complimentary, hassle-free limited warranty.

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The Chariot Tarot Card Clear Phone Case
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The Chariot Tarot Card Clear Phone Case

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