Cute Shark Clear Phone Case

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The Cute Shark Clear Phone Case provides just the right amount of protection for your iPhone and Galaxy devices while still allowing the beauty of your phone to show through!

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I heard you're looking for the perfect combination of aesthetic and protective? Beautiful. I created The Cute Shark Clear Phone Case just for you!

Slim, sleek + light-weight - No unnecessary bulk but protective enough for every day use
Made with BPA-free, hybrid TPU material — making it slightly flexible (but not flimsy or stretchy!)
Super easy to put on and take off
Precisely aligned port openings, wireless charging compatibility and soft touch buttons
Protective, clear sides and a slightly raised bezel around the screen + camera areas

Most importantly, the design is not a sticker/decal and will not budge with proper care.

It will be UV printed on to back of case (not “embedded”) using industry-leading printer/ink technology.

The design will be matte in finish and have a slightly raised look/feel.

No actual glitter/metallic/holographic materials, wood or flowers are used in the making of these designs/cases.

In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, all items are made to order.

Most items will be ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

For your convenience, the fulfillment location that this case will ship from will either be the US (Wisconsin), Australia or the United Kingdom — depending on your location.

The Urban Flair is a woman-owned small business focused on curating and selling one-of-a-kind, aesthetic accessories. All products are hand-designed & curated with love + gratitude by Allie in San Diego, CA!

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Customer Reviews

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I love these cases! This is the third one...

I love these cases! This is the third one I've ordered from the seller. They're great quality and so cute. The seller also helped me with a shipping issue and was so personable and truly made me feel like an appreciated customer! I will definitely be ordering more when I want to change up my cases!

Tricia S.
I finally got my case after waiting a mont...

I finally got my case after waiting a month for it to arrive and a few emails to Allie. The case itself is super cute...I really like it alot, but it unfortunately doesn't fit my phone. I have a new phone and I didn't realize that the Samsung s20 and the Samsung s20 FE are different sizes (I thought the FE just had better picture quality) so when I chose my phone type in the drop down menu and I didn't see a choice for s20 FE I picked the s20 thinking it was the same. Oh well, live and learn.

Shelly B.
Love my case! It fits great and is wonderf...

Love my case! It fits great and is wonderful quality


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Customer Feat



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