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Will A Phone Case Prevent My Phone From Cracking?

Will A Phone Case Prevent My Phone From Cracking?

Question: Will a phone case prevent my phone from cracking?

Answer: I apologize for any bubbles I may burst here, but contrary to popular speculation, a phone case will, in fact, not prevent your phone from cracking. 

Let me explain.

Despite any advertising you may stumble upon for phone cases that are "Drop Tested Certified”, it’s important to remember the reality here: 

Smart phones are made almost ENTIRELY of glass (or glass-like material) these days.


In turn, it is quite literally impossible to “guarantee” that a phone won’t shatter to some degree if dropped. In any fashion. From any height. Regardless of brand. "Drop Tests" performed. Or claims otherwise.


As a result, you will still find that “drop tested” phone cases have countless upset customers whose phones (...guess!) have cracked or shattered while the case was in use.

The angry customers have every right to be upset, don’t get me wrong! BUT, to be fair, this isn’t any company/brand’s fault.

In fact, I believe the only real fault here is in giving potential customers the false hope that their expensive piece of glass won’t shatter while the case is in use if dropped.

It's unlikely that these same people are taking the time to truly consider that the underlying “issue” here is definitely more in the materials phones are made of nownot the phone case itself or the phone case brand.

Let’s be honest.

In general, humans tend to be lazier (for lack of better words) with their phones  when they’ve put a case on it. The phone itself is still a VERY EXPENSIVE, extremely delicate piece of technology! You probably worked hard for that phone! Treat it with some respect!

Of course, protecting your phone with a case is still a no-brainer that will prevent bigger issues from occurring but ultimately, it’s always smart to be careful and exercise caution wherever and whenever possible. Additionally, I personally pair my cases with a glass screen protector and 1000% extend this recommendation to any and all that choose to hear it.

When shopping at The Urban Flair, you can trust that I am very particular about materials, design and construction of the cases I offer. The very best suppliers have been hand-selected by me personally to help safe-guard and protect your phone as well as it can be, beautifully. I couldn’t stand behind something I didn’t personally use and again — I only protect with The Urban Flair!

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