Rattan Woven Phone Grips

Rattan Woven Phone Grips

Rattan Woven Phone Grips

Hi, my lovely friends!
I am so excited to have finally added these rattan phone grips to my product offerings! They truly are the cherry on top of the cake when paired with my cases
Previously, I was never much of a grip/ring gal myself but I certainly couldn’t start offering these without being confident that they were high quality so as soon as I made them, I slapped one on my phone! 
Since, I can say with certainty that I am “converted” — I love this grip!
I have personally run in to zero issues with mine but, of course, everyone is a bit different with how they handle their belongings.


With that being said…

In the off chance that your grip separates from the base, please do not panic. It is not broken.

And more importantly, PLEASE do NOT attempt to rip the grip off of your case.

*Doing so will damage the case, the design and will immediately void the warranty of both items* 

To quickly and easily fix your grip if it has separated from the base, please follow these steps:

1. Your grip is comprised of 3 parts. The woven top, the middle and the base. First, gently separate the woven top from the middle of the base. This first step is extremely important and you will not be able to re-assemble it otherwise.
2. Lightly extend the middle part of the grip
3. Align the middle part of the grip with the base
4. Apply light pressure to the center of the middle piece until you hear the middle part click in to place
5. Notice the divots on the woven top and middle part of the grip
6. Lightly twist the woven top back in to place on the middle section of the grip
7. Lightly press to ensure it is completely back in place
Your grip should be all set!

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