Holiday 2020 Order Delays & Updates

Holiday 2020 Order Delays & Updates


It is with my deepest apologies that I admit that, despite my best efforts to gauge “order by” deadlines and plan ahead, the reality that some packages will not make it in time for Christmas is an unfortunate one. 

Ultimately, there have been several factors this year that are out of my immediate control and continue to work against me including:

- Stock issues as a result of shipments
being stuck in distribution centers
- Limited manpower with my printing
partners due to COVID work-related restrictions
- Postal carrier delays globally
- Sorting center capacities being above threshold
Other factors that have played a role in this year’s unforeseen delays include:
- Higher demand for the new iPhone series cases than expected
- An exponential surge in all online sales  (This one, I am truly thankful for but definitely wasn’t fully prepared for!)

And that is just to name a few...

I am truly so grateful that the vast majority of my customers have been so kind, understanding and considerate of the nature behind any order delays this year. I do also understand, however, that most orders placed around the Holidays are time-sensitive and that in respect to cases, a lot of the time you’re needing to protect your new phone ASAP. Regardless of the reason, not receiving items when they are expected is both upsetting and disappointing

In the event that your order does not arrive by the time you need it to (even though it was submitted “on time” and before my initial deadlines), please feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will be happy to write your recipient a personal note expressing my deepest apologies that their item(s) are delayed and will gladly include a coupon code to use on a future purchase — both for you and them.

I will continue to do my very best to make sure things are out as quickly as humanly possible. “Ready To Ship” items (located in my Etsy shop here) will continue to ship same or next business day. I will also continue to answer all of your inquiries/messages about order statuses on an individual basis but I did want to get this up sooner rather than later.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shopping small this Christmas and for your understanding. Your patience with me as I continue to navigate these chaotic times truly means more to me than I can put in to words.

Kindest regards,

Allie, Owner
The Urban Flair LLC


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