Out Of “Office”

Out Of “Office”

Out of "Office"

Hi, my lovely friends! I wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that:

I will be out of town visiting my family across the country from 1/25-1/30 and will not be as available as I normally am while I am there.

TLDR: I didn’t get to spend Christmas this year with family so this is going to be our belated “Christmas” together 🤗

The short (but also kind of long) version:

I am both proud and humbled at how crazy/awesome/busy the holidays were for my business! It did, however, come with some downsides.

Unfortunately, I was juggling unpredicted delays with both my main printing partner and USPS — both at levels that were truly overwhelming.

Because I am so dedicated to my customers/my business and because orders placed around that time of year are generally time-sensitive in nature, I spent the weeks (literally) leading up to Christmas staying up until 2-4am (or until I couldn’t physically keep my eyes open any longer) managing orders and inquiries the best that I humanly could.

No matter what time of year it is, I am fully committed to making sure that my printing partners have orders out as quickly as possible and that my customers are taken care of and communicated with on unheard of levels.

Sending and responding to hundreds of messages and emails day in and day out, monitoring the status of all orders + their tracking information (in volumes I could not have predicted, I might add) was exhausting... To say the least.

The literal night before I was supposed to fly out to spend Christmas with my family, I called my mom in hysterics. I could just FEEL that traveling (considering my lack of sleep and how emotionally/mentally drained I was) was not a good idea. I couldn’t do it. This would, however, mean not being home for Christmas. For the first time in my entire life. After an hour or so of talking things out with her, we decided it was in my best interest to postpone my trip.  

Living on complete opposite sides of the US means that I get to see them 1-2 times a year, at best, anyways, so! As I’m sure you all can understand, my response time will be minimal/limited while I am there.

I am thankful that my being away doesn’t mean that everything has to be put on hold. Because I rely on help from professional printing partners to get my designs on to the physical items that I sell, their ability to function is completely unrelated and unaffected by my personal location. This said, orders will continue to be fulfilled as normal and the only thing that will be put on “hold” is customer service related inquiries.

Getting Help While I'm away

I am constantly trying to find better ways/systems to handle and manage the amount of requests and inquiries that I receive on a normal basis.

My latest pursuit is a centralized help desk/ticket platform. It seems to be promising — allowing me to manage all of inquiries in one place! I can’t think of a better time to give it a whirl!

If, while I’m away, there is anything you require my help with, please feel free to create a new ticket.

I also have a wonderful FAQ section that has answers to my most frequently asked questions & is a quick/easy way to self-help!

Lastly, while I am normally accommodating and understanding regarding things such as address changes and the occasional order cancellation request, please understand that it will be less likely that I will be able to make such adjustments during the few days that I am away.

As I do intend to at least check in a handful of times, order related issues will continue to be high priority, as always.

Thank you ALL for your continued support and for your understanding!

Kindest regards,
Allie aka THE Urban Flair “Team” 😉


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